About Alisha Wood

My Path

My path to creating The Knowing Mindset has been both a deeply personal and transformative experience, a vivid illustration of how self-discovery, resilience, and intuitive awareness can redefine one’s life. While I experienced career success as a lawyer, I couldn’t shake the lingering feeling of unfulfillment that accompanied it. 

A crucial turning point arrived when an unexpected health challenge provided me with the pause I needed to reevaluate my life’s direction. This pause set the stage for a transformative journey into spiritual insight, emotional healing, and personal growth. As I emerged from this experience, healthier and more attuned to my authentic self, I knew I had something valuable to share.

And so, The Knowing Mindset came to life.

The Knowing Mindset is a sanctuary for anyone seeking to transcend self-doubt, tap into their intuitive wisdom, and live a life in alignment with their deepest values. As an internationally accredited Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healer, Intuitive Reiki Practitioner, and Regressive Hypnotherapist, my approach is holistically designed to nurture the mind, body, and spirit. 

What sets The Knowing Mindset apart is my unique ability to merge analytical legal skills with deep spiritual insights. This fusion results in an empathetic yet pragmatic approach, bridging the gap between the tangible and the ethereal, and offering actionable strategies for genuine personal transformation. 

The Knowing Mindset is more than a service – it’s a thriving community. Here, you’ll find a space where self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation aren’t just possible; they’re celebrated. In this community, you’re an integral part of a collective journey toward greater consciousness and a more fulfilling life. 

Feedback & Reviews

At The Knowing Mindset, your path to healing and self-discovery is our primary focus. We’re privileged to accompany you on this meaningful journey.

“I cannot thank Alisha enough for the healing session. That evening, I continued to purge and even found the strength to get some things off my chest the next day. I feel so much better today. We were incredibly connected during the session, and I felt immense support throughout. I can confidently say that Alisha has a remarkable gift!”

“My experience with Alisha was nothing short of profound. The healing I received during our session was not only much needed but also incredibly specific and insightful. The information Alisha received and shared with me was both accurate and transformative. I am genuinely convinced she is going to change the lives of many through her work.”

“Alisha helped me connect with the deepest parts of myself to get the clarity and answers I desperately needed. Alisha is truly a gem and I can’t express how blessed I feel to have been able to work with her. She was and still is an essential part of my healing journey. I would not have been able to  achieve the deep transformational changes I experienced without her help.”