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Winter Time Blues

The winter months can mean less sunlight, colder temperatures and often, damped moods. Many people feel more tired and less motivated in the winter. Add in continued restrictions due to COVID-19 and it’s a recipe for major couch potato vibes. However, it is possible to stay motivated during these colder months. Whether you are trying to find your own motivation or raise morale at the office, here are a few tips to keep your spirits high until spring arrives.

  1. Get Moving – Carve out some time every day or every other day to exercise. If you plan to work out first thing in the morning, lay out your workout gear the night before. The key is to get your body moving. Even 10 minutes of movement will do wonders for your mental health. 
  2. Breathing Exercises – If you are feeling unmotivated or stressed, a simple way to get the blood flowing and oxygen to your brain is to focus on your breathing. Just a few minutes of emphasizing long, deep breaths will help clear your mind and boost energy levels. 
  3. Self-Care – Whether you have a favorite podcast or love dancing along to your favorite music, make time for it during your day. If it stimulates you, even for a few minutes, it can provide you with the boost in motivation that you need. 
  4. Do Something Creative – Maybe there’s an art or photography class you’ve been meaning to take. Art comes in many forms: drawing, dancing, gardening, singing, crocheting, etc. Find something you enjoy. The point is to have fun and try something outside of your comfort zone.

The most important thing to remember is that at certain times of the year your mood will dip and that is ok. Accepting this can be empowering, which will help to remove the guilt and shame that you may be feeling for not achieving your ordinary levels of activity. The key is to do the things you enjoy rather than setting and obsessing over unrealistic or difficult goals. 

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